The Cavallotti Lodge
       Nanaimo, B.C.         

   Felice Cavallotti Lodge.    2060 East Wellington Rd. Nanaimo, B.C.  V9S-5V2     250-753-1085      [email protected]

Hall Rental
The lodge was founded 1900
The website was created 2018.

Welcome to The Cavallotti Lodge
   We are a non-profit society and an elite private "members-only" club that offers the community a unique and an enjoyable social service. Membership is open to all good (approved) Canadians regardless of your ethnic background.

   The "about us" page will tell you more about our history and present; our people, activities, and community services.

   We welcome your membership. Visit the "membership" page for details.  Our elegant facility is available for your special event. The "hall rental"  page will address all pertinent information.

   Please take the time to tour our site.  

    To communicate with the executive regarding an event, a meeting, records, membership, correspondence, or any issue other than the website itself, please use the form to the left, or see the contact-us page. The "contact-us" form on this page will forward your correspondence to the lodge secretary, who will then forward it to the pertinent destination / officer. Please follow up with a phone call.  

    For any correspondence specifically related to the site itself, please contact the webmaster (site manager) at [email protected] or via the link provided here.  

       A final note: most pages have a musical background - a video presenting a fun, pleasant, cultural touch. You can always pause it at any time with a simple click should you wish to read in silence.  I will update with other cultural, enjoyable videos upon request.
The site pages are designed to promote the lodge's activities, and most importantly the hall rental, our fundraising venue. 

This site is the Lodge's voice and face. It the lodge's main promotion tool. Take a few business cards for your friends and neighbours.  Spread the word - and the word is ""
We wish you and yours the very best at home and in business.

Thank you.

Warm regards.

​The Cavallotti Lodge.

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